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in AOI and EMS
Development of World First 3D Desktop AOI
Marantz Electronics will provide AOI with prominent
technology and accumulated know-how as a leading
company of AOI.
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Products / Products

S series
  • AOI
  • S series
D series
  • AOI
  • D series
J series
  • AOI
  • J series
UV series
  • Conformal Coating AOI
  • UV series
  • Software
i series
  • Multi-functional Desktop AOI
  • I Series

Business / Business


High quality all through the years, continue to meet the latest needs.

AOI business offers various type of inspection machines.         Our AOI has been used as long-selling product for many years. Moreover we meet the customer’s needs by customized specification.


From prototype to mass production, provide the best solution to your demand.

Meet the demand for high quality product assembling and board assembly by the facilities with latest technology.
Procurement team will supply the components of various makers with central purchasing.

Case in AOI

AOI by objective

[Update] 22X Software Ver.6.5.1 released
[Update] 22X Software Ver.6.5.0 released
Announcement of Maintenance Service Close (HDL / HML Type)
We would like to announce that the maintenance service of the following machines will be closed on Dec 31, 2022. ・L22XHDL-350 / 520 ・M22XHDL-350 / 460 / 650 ・U22XHDL-350 / 350L / 650 / 650L ・U22XHML-350 / 350L / 650 / 650L
[Update] 22X Software Ver.6.4.1 released
[Update] 22X Software Ver.4.9.9r6 released
[Update] 22X Software Ver.6.4.0 released